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Events will be updated soon, as we are still planning our 2020 year.

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ISO... Backup Soundboard/Audio Tech

We are in search of a backup Soundboard Tech, who would be willing to jump in any given Sunday morning if our 1st string QB's are not able to make it. If you're interested in learning to run Lights, Sound, and Computer programs or have an itch for Techiness, contact us below!

ISO... Lead Guitarist

We are searching for someone with musical talent, specifically a Lead Guitar/Secondary Guitar player, willing to share their God given gifts on stage with the Worship team! We play a variety of Contemporary Worship music, and some jazzed up Classic Hymns. If you think you'd be interested in playing and want more info, contact us below! (Experience preferred)

Youth Group coming soon for 2K19?

Over the years we have tried focusing on and growing our youth, and as we grow we are having more requests coming in for a Youthgroup to be started. 2019 is the year we bring it all to the table! This is BIG news for our church, and are excited to see the Lords plans for our Youth Ministry!

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Pastors Corner: The Abortion Debate


There has been a long debate, fight and struggle in defining when life begins.  The reason we debate this and struggle with it is because we want to justify the taking of innocent life from within the womb.  We debate as to when the life in the womb actually begins, and when it is morally right or justified to remove the embryo from the womb.  Let me give you the quick straight answer, it’s never right to do it.  You might get offended over that answer, or at least the world would.  The world will bombard you with difficult questions like, what if the Mothers life is at stake? What about incest, or rape?  While atrocities and horrendous crimes are committed, and these crimes are so unfortunate, I would still tell you that it would be wrong to have an abortion. 


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