Our Worship

"Praise Him with Timbrel Dancing... Praise Him with stringed instrument and pipe... Praise God in his sanctuary... Praise him with Trumpet sound... Let everything that has breathe praise the Lord!" - Psalm 150


Here at MVCC we play a mix of contemporary music, as well as some jazzed up classic Hymns. We believe in having fun, and leading the congregation into a heartfelt worship filled with Gods warm embrace. 



Levi, Cindy, Jenny, Dan and Warren!

This is Levi Parisot


Levi is the Worship Leader, Lead Singer and Guitarist. Levi has been on stage playing for our Worship team for 10+ years, but only started leading worship since Easter of 2018.


Levi's favorite things are Music, racing Motocross, and eating Pizza. 

This is Cindy Parisot


Cindy is Levi's Wife, she is the Drummer and an essential key to this Worship Team! Cindy has been playing drums less than a year, but you would never know that!


Cindy's favorite things are Cats, Cats, and more Cats.

This is Jenny Rogers


Jenny is a Singer, and has been a part of our Worshsip Team for several years now. She brings a lot of joy to our team with her contageous Laugh and Smile. 


Jenny's favorite things are Animals, Fishing, and going to the Lake.

This is Dan Keith


Dan is our Keyboard man and backup singer, as well a man of many talents and can play several instruments. He mainly plays Piano, but also plays Mandoline occasionally. He has been a part of our Worship Team for 1 year, and if you're looking for a good Sunday Morning Dad Joke, he's the man you'll want to talk to!


Dan's favorite things are Music, Family Time, and serving our Lord!

This is Warren Smith


Warren is our Bass player, as well as backup singer and occasional backup Guitar player. Warren has been playing on our Worship Team for 1 year, but has many years under his belt from playing on other Worship Teams and Touring with professional level Bands. Warren is an excellent musician and brings good vibes to our worship team! 


Warrens favorite things are Dogs, Boating, and the Lord.

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