Just like your physical body, it has many members and all the body part members are belong to your body.  The body is also made up of cells, if the cells are healthy then the body is healthy, it is the same with the body of Christ.  If the small groups are healthy, then the church is healthy.  Small groups in the church represent the cells of the church.  Each small group is made up of members being involved in others lives.  In small groups, we eat together, pray together, study together, learn together, and care for each other.  Small groups help the community grow, the church grow, helps individuals grow, promotes healthy relationships.  Small groups promote fellowship where others learn and grow by a participative roll. Click here to go to the Small Group Resource page

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When I was growing up, Christmas around our house on Christmas morning was always sought with anticipation and excitement.  We always had a real tree and there were always plenty of gifts on Christmas morning.

 I can remember the excitement, the heart racing, and the sleepless night of the early hour morning of Christmas.  My Dad would wake us up with a loud noise pretending to chase Santa Clause out of the house.  With a shout, some stomping, and a slamming door that would be our queue to leap up from our beds run down the hallway for the long anticipated morning of all the presents under the tree.

One by one we would open our presents, slowly the morning would go by until finally the last present was open.  I can remember that some time during that day I would feel sad because the morning had come and gone.  No more presents under the tree, the excitement gone, but then I would remember the gifts that I had been given.

Soon as the days would pass, the tree would come down, the lights be removed from house and everything would return as it was before.  We would have to wait until next year to do it all over again. 

What clutters my mind is that even though all the gifts were new and nice over time the toys and the clothes would become old and I would lose my interest in playing with them and they would eventually end up in the toy box to later be thrown away or taken to the good will.

 Where are all those things now?  I remember many of them, but not one of them remains with me today.

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Coping with Your Circumstances

How to cope with your crisis in life. you don't have to walk around defeated, you can life a victorious life in the midst of loss. Pastor Bob expresses how to life in victory by coping with your circumstances in a practical way

New Years Message

Looking into the new year brings hope for things not yet seen. We take a deep breath, leave the troubles of the previous year behind and hope the next year is better than the one before. Yet we all know that we will still will face troubles and trials, but if you know Jesus your hope in those trials and troubles will be easier to face.

The Gift of Christmas

God's Wonderful Gift of eternal life started at His birth.  


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MVCC welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life, regardless of where you may be in your spiritual journey! Together, we will strive to become the kind of church described in the Bible where there’s relevant teaching, heart felt worship, honest friendships, continual prayer, and a compassionate care for those in need (Acts 2:42-47).  We are committed to the Great Commandment found in Matthew 22:34-40, and to the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20.

Michigan Valley Community Church is passionate about reaching the community and communicating the message of Jesus Christ so everyone may obtain salvation through Him. The authority and basis of all our ministries is the Lordship of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. As such, we believe that there are two priorities for our Church: 


  1. The first priority is the Great Commandment as found in Matthew 22:36-40.
  2. The second priority is the Great Commission as found in Matthew 28:18-20.

God's Word

“Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”
Matthew 6:13

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