Just like your physical body, it has many members and all the body part members are belong to your body.  The body is also made up of cells, if the cells are healthy then the body is healthy, it is the same with the body of Christ.  If the small groups are healthy, then the church is healthy.  Small groups in the church represent the cells of the church.  Each small group is made up of members being involved in others lives.  In small groups, we eat together, pray together, study together, learn together, and care for each other.  Small groups help the community grow, the church grow, helps individuals grow, promotes healthy relationships.  Small groups promote fellowship where others learn and grow by a participative roll. Click here to go to the Small Group Resource page

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When a tragedy strikes at the very core of your life, how can you go on?

We arrived in Branson on Thursday, July 19th. We arrived safely enjoying the day. it was a calm day, the sun shining, wind hardly blowing in the air. We got set up at camp and Later headed to the super store (Walmart), that's when it happened. We got a call from our friend telling us of the on coming storm. Springfield getting hit with 90 mile an hour winds and it was headed our way. We hurriedly finished up our shopping got through the checkout stand but we didn't make it. The storm was upon us, the wind was howling, the clouds dark and black, it almost felt like it wanted to come and get us. We literally were running to the truck. As we were trying to make our way, the return cart cages were blowing across the parking lot, slamming into other things. we were desperately trying to make it back to our vehicle and not get struck with flying objects. In hind sight we should've stayed in the store but we didn't realize the power of this storm. While all this was going on around us, there were people in distress out on Table Rock lake. They were caught in the storm, the boat couldn't fight the wind, the waves began to toss the boat around. The boat began to take on water. I can't even imagine the horrifying experience. As we were fighting our way to our vehicle, the boat on Table Rock lake was in a fight to hit land shore, lost its battle and 17 people perished while we were in the Walmart parking lot fighting the same storm. I couldn't help but ask, why was I here, and why were they there? Why did God spare my life and not theirs?

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God of Righteousness

In previous sermons and bible studies, I have shown through extant biblical evidence, through science, archeology, and philosophy why it totally makes sense to follow the God of Abraham.  I have shown over time that the Bible is self sufficient, self evident, and flawless, in its prophecies, and in its truth.  For the others, they cannot understand the righteousness of God because they put their trust into false religions and other god’s.  

God's Love Part I

What does it means to be born again? Nicodemus was struggling with Jesus Teaching. He was a man of the law and a member of the Sanhedrin. He was probably a well known by the public. Yet Nicodemus struggled with his salvation. Jesus instructed him that he needed to be born again. Pastor Bob explains how to be born again.

God of Love Part II

God's Love - Born Again, that is what Jesus told Nicodemus. Works cannot save you, it is only the work of Jesus, we are only saved by faith, by believing in the one and only Son of God


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MVCC welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life, regardless of where you may be in your spiritual journey! Together, we will strive to become the kind of church described in the Bible where there’s relevant teaching, heart felt worship, honest friendships, continual prayer, and a compassionate care for those in need (Acts 2:42-47).  We are committed to the Great Commandment found in Matthew 22:34-40, and to the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20.

Michigan Valley Community Church is passionate about reaching the community and communicating the message of Jesus Christ so everyone may obtain salvation through Him. The authority and basis of all our ministries is the Lordship of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. As such, we believe that there are two priorities for our Church: 


  1. The first priority is the Great Commandment as found in Matthew 22:36-40.
  2. The second priority is the Great Commission as found in Matthew 28:18-20.
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